Since 1999 our Company mainly has been engaged in rendering logistic services to big foreign companies.

 Customs warehouse is a main structural unit of YULG Ltd, rendering customs/brokerage services, being logistic centre of distribution of cargo, entering the territory of Ukraine, for its further delivery to consumers of pharmaceutical products in Ukraine as well as in other countries.

There is a wide range of services, rendered by the customs warehouse: storage of medical drugs, including such of them that require special storage conditions under a fixed temperature, exit of goods under transit declarations, customs clearance of cargos, deliveries within Ukraine and abroad.

 Additional services to be rendered to leasers:

 ·       creation of an individual logistic solution

·       delivery of cargos from/to the Borispol airport

·       acceptance of cargo for storage, preparation to customs clearance

·       entrance of goods and customs clearance of cargo

·       storage of goods

·       order processing

·       organization of delivery of cargos

·       order delivery

·       complete range of transit cargo services

·       rehandling/remarking of products in the territory of the customs warehouse

·       registration of medical preparations in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

 Outsourcing services:

 ·       delivery of goods to the customs warehouse

·       preliminary entrance of cargo

·       customs clearance of entering products

·       material-handling works

·       acceptance of goods to the warehouse

·       system recording of goods as received, control of intake and dispatch of goods

·       consignment of products at company’s order

·       import clearance according to specifications

·       obtaining of certificates of analytical laboratory

·       order formation and packing of goods according to consignee’s requirements

·       delivery of goods to consignees in Ukraine

·       information support

 For acceptance, storage and release of customs cargos there are facilities, located at the address: Ukraine, Kievska obl., Vyshgorod, 16 Novopromyslova Str., having carrying and lifting equipment manufactured in Germany,  sliding racks with remote control, permitting expand twice the warehouse area, intended for pallet, refrigeration equipment for storage of goods at a fixed temperature.

  The logistic complex is situated close to all main right-bank arterial highways 

 Cargos, delivered by auto transport, are accepted to a tray, the territory is equipped with access ways. Acceptance of cargo to the warehouse is realized in presence of a customs inspector. In case of detection of non-compliance of accompanying forms with an actual presence and condition of goods, an expert of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is invited to draw up a statement that would be a ground for submission of a claim to carrier or to consignor, depending on terms of delivery.

 The warehouse is operated by experienced specialists, having practices in preparation of documents and organization of shipping inside the country, as well as overseas. Employees of the customs warehouse constantly work on their professional development, attend seminars and trainings on optimization of performance of a customs warehouse. Work schedule of the customs warehouse is: every day from 9.00 to 18.00, on Fridays from 9.00 to 17.00. In case of emergency, the warehouse can work till 21.00.

 The staff of the customs department consists of people, executing receipt control of cargos to various customs stations of Kiev and Borispol airport,  ensuring timely delivery of cargos to the customs warehouse of YULG. We have a wide experience of cooperation with more than one hundred Ukrainian wholesalers; well established operational interconnection permits us quickly serve them within the fixed time limit. All activities of the customs warehouse are realized according to an established SOP (Standard Operation Procedures) system; control of compliance with the SOP, is responsibility of our quality specialist.

 The warehouse functions according to the laws of Ukraine and has a license of an Open-End Customs Warehouse.

 Hygienic conditions of the premises correspond to requirements of sanitary code and rules, regulating an order of storage and sale of ready drug dosage forms. In accordance with the established Standard Operation Procedures, we ensure temperature and humidity control in the warehouse premises, instrument readings are taken twice a day, and records are made in corresponding day-books.

Control of sanitary and hygienic conditions of the warehouse premises is exercised by the Ukrainian State Inspection of Quality Control of medical drugs, as well as by independent audits of foreign companies.

The premises are equipped with fire-burglar warning system, flow and exhaust ventilation system, ensuring required temperature and humidity; in the territory functions access control, round-the-clock security of the customs warehouse.

The warehouse is equipped with its own motor transport for timely deliveries of goods to Ukrainian distributors.

Computer registration is carried out in Debet-Warehouse database, permitting to maintain records of goods in the mode “receipt-expenditure” by batches, by lots, subject to shelf life; and is operated by qualified specialists. The system permits to carry out an analysis according to any of the mentioned operation factors, which is necessary for drawing up of accounts to consignor companies.

 Cooperation with the customs warehouse permits our partners early react to the needs of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine, optimize logistic processes of delivery of goods to distributors, effectively regulate good flows in the territory of Ukraine, CIS, Baltic and other countries of the world.

 Commission percentage of warehouse turnover by results of a month report includes all procedures, connected with warehouse operation: insurance of cargo at the CW, preliminary entrance of arriving cargos, customs clearance of medical drugs, arriving to the CW of YULG, material-handling works, storage, release of cargos from the customs warehouse for the customers of Your company, delivery of medicines in Ukraine, i.e. turn-key services.




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